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A bespoke barrel ageing service by local distillery Compendium Spirits. With this programme, patrons are able to produce their own barrels of spirits right here in Singapore. Simply pick a package that is inclusive of the base spirit, barrel, servicing, maintenance, tasting, bottling and labelling, and leave the rest to the Craftmasters at Compendium Spirits Spirits.

Being able to create a barrel of spirit from scratch with personalised inputs is unheard of, not just in Singapore, but throughout the world. The wide range of customisation options available to each patron adds to the uniqueness of the service, ensuring each and every barrel is one-of-a-kind. This is made possible partly because we produce (ferment & distil) a wide range of base spirits in-house, the use of Neutral Grain Spirit (NGS) is eschewed. The uniqueness extends to the raw ingredients being used as well, sourcing locally from Singapore and regionally from Southeast Asia. Being able to control the ageing process plays an integral part too, and provides an unprecedented level of customisation.

How Does It Work?

Akin to getting a bespoke suit made at the tailors, patrons can pick from an array of options available, then have Compendium Spirits Spirits’ craftmasters fit the make of the spirit according to personal taste and needs.

Step 1:
Pick A Base Spirit

At launch, Compendium Spirits Spirits offers four base spirits to choose from:

  • Rum made using molasses from Malaysia 
  • Arrack made using gula Melaka from Indonesia 
  • Honey Spirit made using honey from Thailand
  • Whisky made using rice grains from Thailand


Step 2:
Pick A Barrel Size

At launch, Compendium offers four barrel sizes and corresponding ageing periods:

Step 3:
Have A Taste and Tweak

What’s the point of having your own barrel full of delicious spirit without tasting it straight from the cask? Feel free to arrange a tasting session with Compendium Spirits Spirit’s craftmasters and we’ll be more than happy to oblige. This is also the time to tweak the process to your liking. Want to add another month of ageing to your spirit? That’s completely doable.

Step 4:
Bottling & Labeling

When the time comes to finally reap the rewards of your own barrel-aged spirit, comes the time to also customise your very own label. Give your bottles a special name, name it after yourself, go super creative, or simply leave it to us: it’s your choice.

Based on estimated Angel’s Share, here are the number of bottles you can expect to be produced from each barrel size:

Step 5:

All bottles produced and even the barrel used are now yours to have.
Let us know where to deliver the items to (or if you prefer to pick them up yourself),
and we’ll get it sorted.

Step 6:
Refilling (optional)

If you would rather use your barrel to make another batch, simply choose the refill option and we’ll get everything going again from Step 1.


Q1. Where does Compendium Spirits produce and age my spirits?

The entire production process from start to finish is done in Singapore on-site at our own distillery located in Mandai. This includes steps such as mashing, fermenting, pressing, distilling, ageing, bottling, labelling, packaging, and more.

Q2. Where does Compendium Spirits source the raw ingredients from?

In line with our ethos to produce spirits edifying the Southeast Asian region, almost everything we use is sourced locally or regionally. Only in very few cases do we source for ingredients further afield, such as with juniper, a key ingredient in gin that isn’t readily found nearby. On that note, Compendium Spirits has a zero-tolerance policy for artificial flavourings and colourings. Everything used in the production process is 100% natural.

Q3. What are your barrels made from?

Our barrels are all 100% new oak sourced directly from a cooperage in Spain.

Q4. Do you treat the barrels in any way?

We ensure that our barrels are always in top shape and we do charr the interior of the barrels in certain use cases. Charring is a common practice in whisky making that unlocks flavour compounds in the wood.

Q5. How is the minimum ageing period for each barrel size derived?

The minimum ageing period is derived from the fact that smaller barrel sizes age more rapidly than bigger barrels. A smaller volume means a greater ratio of the liquid inside comes into contact with the interior walls of the barrel, thus expediting the extraction of flavours from the wood. Based on our own R&D, the recommended minimum ageing period is also a sweet spot in the ageing process where flavours are at a certain peak.

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