About Us

Welcome to the world of Compendium Spirits

Our Story

“Vivid imaginations, experimental boldness & the pride of our Asian heritage. ’’

We are the craftsmasters of quality spirits & flavours. A balance of old-world knowledge and new-age thinking; where the art of master distilling meets the science of aromas & taste.

It all began in 2015 when our master distiller established Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery to create exceptional, flavourful meads, an uncommon beverage choice in Southeast Asia, for locals to experience and enjoy. Upon creating a successful & well-received mead portfolio, it gave us a greater strive & vision to venture further into the uncommon, and shake-up the status quo of regional & international alcohol industries.

We first started experimenting by fermenting honey into flavourful mead and realized that by distilling the mead, we can create unique, premium spirits of calibre. Then, our curiosity piqued tremendously. What if we applied this newfound knowledge to traditional methods of creating the world’s favourite spirits? After years of R&D and compiling all of the world’s alcohol recipes into a compendium of our own, we experimented on each recipe. The result was the fascinating discovery that we are able to create spirits with a smooth experience for the mouthfeel, throat & stomach whilst retaining the full flavours and aromas of ingredients used.

This transformed our meadery into an avant-garde distillery, aptly named Compendium Spirits, where we’ve been honing our techniques, experimenting with familiar and exotic spirits & perfecting our craft.

In 2019, we launched our first release and flagship products, Rojak Gin & Chendol Gin, an inspiration of Malaysian & Singaporean hawker cultures, flavours well-cherished by the locals. Many more interesting concoctions ensued, from ‘Kopi-O Liqueur’, ‘Straits Vodka (distilled with Southeast-Asian honey & spices) to ‘Gula Melaka Arrack’. We’re constantly innovating, driven to captivate the world with unique and memorable flavours. Masterfully crafted to be the catalyst behind every great night, with every sip designed to be enjoyed by connoisseurs, curious casual-drinkers & experience-seekers alike.

Welcome to the world of Compendium Spirits. Explore the best of Asia with every sip.

Our Philosophy

“Effort maketh quality, no shortcuts.”

We do not use mass-produced neutral grain spirits as our base; there are no shortcuts in our processes.

Instead, all of our alcohol bases are fermented in-house, with high-quality, premium fermentables carefully sourced from all around Asia, such as honey, molasses & Gula Melaka. This ensures unparalleled smoothness with every sip.

Every batch of spirits undergoes a stringent & laborious process of brewing, fermentation, distillation & selective aging at our production facility in Singapore. This allows us to upkeep quality control of each production variable and maintain end-to-end consistency. While the process is demanding & tedious, the results are rewarding for us & our customers.

“Less begets more”

We do not cram dozens of ingredients into a bottle; we believe in selective minimalism. We only incorporate a select few ingredients to piqueyour senses. You will truly experience every ingredient listed on our bottle label –from the first taste on your tongue’s tip, the beautiful aroma drifting into your nose to the finish in your mouth. This is our promise.

Our Distiller’s Notes


The quality of spirits is fundamentally determined by the quality of base fermentables, the key ingredients to kickstart our process (e.g. honey, gula melaka, molasses etc.). We source unique & occasionally unconventional agricultural produce from South East Asia & Greater Asia. We adopt both traditional and modern techniques to convert the raw produce into fermentable mash to commence the brewing process.


We’ve also discovered that fermentation techniques greatly impacts the quality of spirits. We adopt a slow, meticulous fermentation of our key ingredients, which spans up to 2-3 months per batch. We’ve found that it creates a smooth fermented wine perfect for usage in distillation, to produce an even smoother end-product. Some of our fermented wines (e.g. meads) are also bottled and sold directly to the consumer markets.


Control is key to quality consistency. We distil using a modified pot still with an enhanced heating system, which enables us to distil at a slow and more controlled pace, to produce spirits at desired strengths and intensity of flavour. 

All our spirits are double-distilled. First, we distil the fermented wine to spirits at approximately 40% ABV. Depending on the type of spirit we produce, the distillate will either undergo a maceration process from several days to weeks and then distilled again to produce a stronger spirit at approximately 60 – 70% ABV for selected gins; or double-distilled without maceration for vodkas, arracks & Blanco rums.


Oak aging in Singapore’s hot and humid tropical climate has to be customised and may differ from traditional methods in the temperate European and North American climates.  By studying the science behind the oak aging process, we engineered a process suitable for Singapore. Given our wide spectrum of spirits which supports the exploration of new and innovative production techniques, we are able to adjust the permutation of sequences within the overall process and design distinctly unique profiles of our oaked spirits (whilst removing any hints of harshness).